Blood | Urine | Vomit | Milk Removal

Accidents happen, but these fluids all contain bacteria that will multiply if left untreated, putting yourself and your family at risk of infection. We have the chemicals, equipment and knowledge to clean this effectively.

All requests for removal of bacterial waste need to be made in advance, so that the extra time needed to clean this can be allocated to your appointment

Steam Cleaning | from £15

An alternative to traditional cleaning methods to eliminate bacteria and odours, perfect for allergy sufferers or those that want a completely eco clean

After vacuuming, the interior of the vehicle is cleaned with 180°C dry steam to eliminate all bacteria from plastics, glass and upholstery

Clay Barring & Tar Spot Removal | from £15

This process removes unsightly and rough particles from the paintwork of your car, providing a smooth base on which to apply a coat of polish or wax.

Recommended annually to maintain the exterior of your car

Alloy Wheel Protective Coating | £8

Reduce the amount of thick break dust that builds up between valets by having your alloys coated in a Protective alloy wheel coating.

Available as an add-on with any of our exterior valets

Roof Lining & Door Cards Shampoo | Price varies depending on size and level of soiling

These areas need to be cleaned delicately as they are basically fabric covered cardboard and will sag if they get too wet.

We use a specialist foam shampoo to remove odours and stains without damaging these areas

Convertible | Cabriolet | Soft Top Treatment

Recommended annually, this service is to deep clean your canvas roof, and then reproof it to protect it for a further 12 months.

£POA, as this will vary depending on the current condition of the roof.

Autoglym Lifeshine Carbon Paint Protection

Protect the paintwork of your brand new car whilst enhancing the high-gloss finish. Your car will look better for longer, and be far easier to clean.

Dealerships will quote you £££'s. Call us today to find out how much you can save

Autoglym Lifeshine Interior Protection

Protect your seats, carpets and mats from stains and spills. Leather can also be protected against colour transfer from dark clothes, so this is a must on pale seats

Again, dealerships will quote £££'s for this service, so call us for a comparative quote